How Not To Meet Real Girls

For many guys, the only way they can meet real girls is by going on blind dates with them in bars or at clubs. For these guys, it’s a great way to meet someone to have a few drinks and maybe even have a conversation with. However, for most guys, the only thing these blind dates lead to is a briefcase full of broken dreams, costly regrets, and tons of bad experiences. If you’re tired of always failing at blind dates and would like to change that, then keep reading to find out how to be more successful when it comes to meeting real girls.

meet real girls

The first thing you need to do is get out of your depressing situation and get out of your neighborhood. There are many very attractive and interesting real girls out there, but you won’t find them in the neighborhood bars or nightclubs. Sure, you could go out to the local mall and look for a cute girl who wears a suit, but why would you do that? Besides, you wouldn’t exactly feel all that comfortable around some sexy, unknown bar girls, would you?

Instead of going out to the bars where you will probably meet real girls, go out more to the museums, art galleries, or concerts. When you go to these places with your friends, you will have much better luck when trying to meet real girls. You also don’t have to spend as much time at any of these places. Just hang out with your friends for a few hours at a time, talk to some random strangers, and get drunk. In no time, you will have enough people to talk to that will give you an opportunity to start talking to the right girl.

Another good idea is to make some new friends at school. Chances are that there are plenty of shy, introverted girls hanging around the school. Talk to them, make friends and try to make a connection with them. Before you know it, you will have made several new friends that you can chat with and eventually start meeting the girls you like.

If you know the best places to meet real girls, go there and have fun. If you don’t, then forget about the whole “going to the same place to meet real people” idea. There isn’t really any need for that in today’s society. Too many girls have already found their perfect mate and aren’t looking for anything else but a great partner. Why make it hard on yourself?

The key to meet real girls is to be yourself. If you are desperate for her friendship, it will be difficult to fake your enthusiasm for someone else’s life. Just do your research. Find out where she is the most likely to meet other people and join a study group, watch a movie together, or go to dinner at her favorite restaurant. Be genuine in your interest in her and try to build a good relationship with her before you ever plan on going out on a date. This way you will both know before hand what to expect when you meet.

While it might be more difficult to meet real girls at clubs or bars, you can still do it if you are willing to work at it. Sometimes the girls that go out to these places are going to be a little too young to be considered real because they were just out looking around. If you want to meet one of her dreams, show her that you are willing to do what it takes to make it happen. This may mean you go out with her more than once a month. You need to build a good foundation with her first before you ever plan on going out on a real date.

Never ever think that you will meet real girls through online sites. There just is not enough risk involved in that type of dating to allow you to take that kind of risk. There have been cases where guys have gone to online sites to try to meet girls and ended up going home alone. Online sites have grown in popularity over the last several years but it has also become a lot more risky for guys trying to meet girls. Now that you know how not to meet real girls, go out there and enjoy your time!

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