Is your Partner a Marrying Type?

So, you enjoy your dating and your relationship is great, healthy, harmonious and seems to be perfect. However, is your partner the one to marry? Being a great girlfriend or boyfriend is not the same as being a great spouse. Many people consider that if they do along well as a couple, they will make a great family union. However, it is not always true. The sooner you will realize this; the better it will be for you in future. Even if you were dating for many years, it doesn’t mean you need to get married as you have spent so much time together. You need to understand what your goals with your relationship are. Considering this, you will then see if your partner has the same vision of the development of your relationship and realize if you two are on the same boat.
So, how one can tell that their partner is a marrying type?
It is very easy to see the signs of this, if you admit to see the truth the way it is, no matter how different it can be from your expectations. The first step is accepting the truth the way it is and look at your relationship from all angles, not only focusing on its positive sides that you like. If you are ready to tie the knot when the time is right, you would like to see the partner, who would have the same expectations from life and relationship, right? However, never assume that just because you two are dating seriously this will end in a marriage. When you feel you’ve reached a comfortable point to talk about marriage and commitment with your partner, you must talk and be honest in your desires and expectations.
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Your partner is not a marrying type if he/she:
– Tries to change the subject of your conversation or cuts you off
– Tells that marriage is a thing that he/she is not crazy about
– Assuring you he/she wants to marry you, but find excuses for a long period of time (years).

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