Quick Tips: Hookup with Sugar Momma in New York

sugar momma hook-upHaving a sugar momma hook-up is not a rarity any more.  You get to see sugar momma NYC in a lot of places. In fact sugar momma dating in New York is pretty common as it is. Here I present some quick tips on how to land sugar mommas.

  • Conviction in yourself: No matter if you’re not earning much as her, or if you’re plain broke, what matters are that you have conviction and faith in what you do. A woman would like to see some fire in her cub’s belly, especially when she’s raking in the dough at the end of the month.
  • Have potential: Your sugar momma is going to watch you for your potential, be warned beforehand. She does not want to hang out with a loser, nobody does. She isn’t interested in knowing if you can out earn her, but if you can put food on the table if things get tough. If you cannot, it’s better to step out of the way before she tramples you into the dirt.
  • Avoid being a hater: Women hate snide remarks, and can hear every little one you make. This only decreases the chances of a relationship. She’ll throw you out the back door and into the garbage dump for good measure because she knows that she’s too good for you.
  • Handle it: Women accustomed to clock guys in their salary ‘handle it’ day in and day out.If they clock the guys they’re working with, the job is finished better, faster. This is the same reason why you should also learn to ‘handle it’. In a relationship this means you need to act upon an unforeseen situation before she has to. Just because she can, doesn’t mean she wants to.

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  • Pay up: This might sound a bit dismal, but hey guys, be a man and pay for the occasional dinner or night out. This is important especially in the early stages. It is a way of letting her know that you’re not bankrupt. After a while she’ll be reassured and will start paying so both of you can contribute.
  • Do not lie: For example consider that you’re unemployed. Do not go on talking about the old job you had because now, technically you don’t have one.You can definitely say that it was your old job and that you loved it, and would like to re-enter that particular field of specialisation. She’ll give you high scores on honesty and truthfulness which are the benchmark of a real man.
  • Be aware: Earning sugar mommas like to see their cubs having self –awareness. And it’s not just about your living. The way you walk, the way you talk, these leave lasting impressions on women, and needless to say, the first impression is the last impression.

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  • Be talkative: You should know how to chat up a woman. Now this cannot be taught to you, it’s all about experience and how you see the world. There are lots of different types of women out there, and you have to watch your words at the same time. Verbal cues are a good thing to use because these get a woman to talk more about her in general and her day in particular. Add to it a good dose of humour and the dynamics shoot right out the roof.
  • Small gestures: Small gestures, like opening doors, pulling out a chair, the odd household chore, and of course a birthday present you can afford. These mean a lot to her because those show what kind of a person you are.

So there you go; follow these with diligence and you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble in hooking up with a sugar momma in New York City.