Russian brides about age difference with husband.

lookbrideThe majority fo foreigners nowadays while looking for a Russian bride, are looking for a very young girl, who has the type of body which is common for a photo model. But what should do the women who are not up to those requirements, who are a bit older and maybe not that fit? The difference is that those women who are older and do not have that outstanding physical appearance are more interested in creation of a family, of a real family where they will take care of their husband and family, where they will make him the happiest man on the Earth, they can be compared with a book, which maybe doesn’t have the best cover list in the world, but is much more interesting than the one that has a glittering cover but is empty and with no sense in its content. This is the issue that should be solved by man, as he is the only person who is deciding what things he needs to have in his woman, whether it is endless wisdom, support, love, care and kind heart that would never be able to betray or leave him for someone who is younger or has more money, or he needs a gorgeous young beauty with who he can talk only about her shopping and going out.

This situation has brought to the point in which both of the “parties” became very disappointed with each other, men by the Russian women, and Russian brides by the foreigners. The root of the problem is the fact that each of them, should think carefully and decide what are the things important for them, whether those are esthetics or personal comfort and happiness.sexlady

Some men write letters, call the ladies they correspond with, but that’s it, maybe it is because they feel that from the moral point of view the woman they talk with is not ready for such a big change in her life as getting married with a foreigner and moving abroad, as eventually it is scaring the fact that all the things you were building your entire life, such as friendship, reputation in the career, connections in the business, all of those things should be dropped, and the worst thing is that you know you will need a lot of support in order to live abroad and try to have all of those things back in the new place, as well as you will need help, but you are not sure that you will get it from the person you made all those changes for. And once again even if it will not work out and you will decided to divorce and come back, you will not be able to come back at your place of work, and have the same life you had before leaving, even at home you will have to built your career almost from the beginning.

There are not that many women nowadays who are looking for a Prince Charming, but there really are women who are looking for decent man who would become a responsible husband and a caring husband in the future, that is not that much to ask for, but in the modern world, it is not that common anymore. Russian women love their men for the soul qualities, for their loyalty to the wife, for the ability to be loving daddies, they appreciate their trustworthiness. And it is a shame that due to language barrier in a lot of cases women do not see that men actually are using them, and are pretending to be the person they are not, just in order to get what they want. A Russian wife who, they will make a “prisoner in the cage” who will stay at home only and will have to make it comfortable for her husband without even carrying about the things that are important to her.

That is why a revision should be made in your own soul in order to realize what are the things you are really looking for in your husband, what are the things you can live with, and what are the things, you will never be able to accept, this way the marriage will become a utopia for both of the partners.

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