SilverCupid review and recommendations from real users


Basic information

People seek love at any age. Dating sites are in high need among mature people as in this age, the most of them are already married and have grown children, so in real life it’s difficult to detect singles. There are many dating sites for senior people but stands out as the most user-friendly and effective one, with an excellent reputation. It has a speaking name and its motto is living life to the fullest even when your hair turns grey.

It’s quite strange nowadays to see the dating site with such a high rate of trust, but that’s easy to explain. Firstly, people in their 50s and 60s have not much time or desire to deceive the others for money. It’s already the time when people get seriously sick or feel really lonely so they naturally want a reliable partner nearby. Older people are the most determined to finding their mate. But for some reason, exactly on SilverCupid it happens strikingly often. The site is located in United Kingdom and has a big database of active profiles.mature men dating

Why join is reportedly the leading dating website for seniors. There are hundreds of thousands of active profiles and new members are registered daily so chances to meet someone are really high. The quantity of success stories is impressive. It welcomes honest photos and not Photoshopped ones as both male and female users are prepared to meet a real person of middle age or older.

The site doesn’t “torture” you with a long questionnaire. You can start communicating with other members immediately after browsing your photo and filling the very basic information about yourself. You can add more details later if you are going to try the compatibility test. Oh and about the membership: SilverCupid is one of inexpensive sites. It allows a 3-days free trial and even after you can use the basic options for free. You should buy membership only if you want the advanced options, such as email alerts, advanced search and daily suggestions of compatible mates.

Support service works 24/7 and you can always ask for their advice. The “Help” section on the site contains all possible FAQ and answers them in detail. Particularly, there are effective tips on how to date successfully, the tutorial on the SilverCupid mobile version, the guide on reporting a suspicious member and much more.


1 month membership costs 39,99$, 3 months membership – 77,97$ and 6 months membership is the most practical, its price is 119,97$ only. Again, you can use the site efficiently and get great results even without paying.


The site guarantees the confidentiality of your correspondence and protection of your personal info in case you shared a lot about yourself in your profile. Only paid members can see such a detailed information, while the others see the most basic rows. The official Privacy Policy contains many positions and is very reassuring.women online date

Real users’ feedback

Mary, 53 y.o.: I liked the fact that I can search worldwide on CupidOnly. Of course, the majority of users are from a few English-speaking countries but some exotic guys can also be found. That’s fantastic for someone who is limited by a small circle of communication and not-so-great health condition, like older people! I enjoyed my correspondence with about 8 mature men who I chose among the others. I eventually ended in Native Hawaiian’s arms and it has been my dream since 25 years old! We are about to get married. I am very thankful to the site.

David, 63 y.o.: I had some negative experience on other dating sites. Women there just wanted a luxury life before they’re too old. I immediately saw this site was more reliable as I got just several letters from women, not a bunch of them and the letters weren’t of copypaste kind. The photos were natural too. I started to initiate first dates with the women I liked, and one of them became my mate. It was so easy to find out about our common interests and desires, thanks to CupidOnly. I am very happy now!

Sarah, 58 y.o.: the society is all about stereotypes. It’s nearly impossible for an older woman to either show her active interest in real life dating, or to ask the men around about their marital status. Just imagine doing that at work or in a bar! On another hand, she can “buy” young men’s attention. Dating sites even suggest this option called “sugar momma”. But I’m not like that, I wanted a serious and many-sided partner of my age. I felt really desperate before I found I started an intensive communication since and easily found a compatible man – my dear Xavier! He is from Montreal and he is a very gallant gentleman. My dreams came true!

Matthew, 59 y.o.: all of my male acquaintances who are into online dating, communicate with very young girls from Russia or Asian countries. I don’t understand this new fashion. I also think age is just a number and only true feelings matter, but they care more about the flesh. I wanted to find my best friend to the end of days and I succeeded on She is a gorgeous lady of 47 y.o. and her name is Elizabeth. She is old-fashioned just like me, and we have thousands of topics that we both like discussing. It’s a very real site and it changed my life completely.

Tina, 55 y.o.: I have always been timid and introverted. It became only worse as years passed. I desperately wanted to meet someone but I simply couldn’t do that in a frank and primitive way like other people. It took me a year to find a compatible man on CupidOnly and establish a communication with him full of mutual understanding. Now we have finally met and it’s the most harmonious relationship I could ever expect. This site helps mature people with a lack of confidence like myself, to find someone and to end with their loneliness.

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