Single Filipino women for serious relationships

Filipino single women

I’m a Russian-speaking man who met his future wife on the website

The fact is that I live in Filipino for a long time, so I registered on site, because I wanted to meet a woman who lives next door. After registering on the site and a couple of dates, in July 2014 I received a message from a woman who turned out to be the lady of my dreams.

I looked through her profile and found her very cute. I responded to her messages and so we started talking. I began to understand that every evening I look forward to her message. After some expectation and communication on the site, I suggested to dinner together. Our first date was very romantic, because it was on the sea!

I took her away from work that day and brought her to a restaurant where everything  was very tasty, I also brought a small gift for the first date. Of course, we were both very nervous, going on a date, but the fear immediately disappeared when we saw each other.

One year of our relationship, we celebrated in the same restaurant on the sea. At the moment we have been living together very happily for six months and are going to get married. I never imagined that I would ever meet the woman of my dreams, but it happened with help of Filipino single women.

So, if you’ve decided to win a heart of beautiful lady, you should know couple of rules, which I have found on this online dating platform.

  1. After the date accompany the girl to the house. Ask her to wave to you from the window, when she enters her room to make sure that in the stairwell nothing happened to her.
  2. During communication don’t forget to smile and to be open. Your hands should be wide open toward the girl.
  3. Place of a date, you should carefully chose the place for your first date. It can be cinema, museum, restaurant, park and many others.
  4. The first kiss. There is no need to hurry up with a kiss. It does not have to be on a first date, especially if the girl is not ready to it, you find yourself in a stupid situation. Remember, when a girl wants to kiss a man, it is really noticeable. This happens unconsciously, and we must be able to notice it. This can manifest itself in different ways, but there are common features that are typical for most of girls. For example, almost all the girls gradually reduce the distance.filipina-women
  5. Try to sit down close to her in a cafe, if you see that she is not against, you can hug her. If she does not mind, she can put her head on your shoulder, it usually happens when it’s late, and the girl a little sleepy. If you lean to her and doesn’t she pull away – this is a good sign that she is not against the kiss.
  6. When deciding what to wear on a first date, stop your attention to the calm clothing colors. Variegated Hawaiian shirt fit for a date only to Hawaii. It is better to choose dark colors (blue, brown, black), they are comforting the girl and harmonize with any of her dress. Do not wear a tie on a first date. It’s just a meeting with the girl, not an job interview. Tie is an attribute of a business meeting.
  7. You can invite the girl wherever you want. It depends on several factors: girl’s lifestyle, the amount of free time, the season, and your financial situation. The perfect place for the first date should give you positive emotions and a chance to talk. Do not ask on a first date to the club, as this will break the atmosphere of the first meeting. When deciding where to go on a first date, you can ask about girl’s preferences. Perhaps there are places where she feels comfortable and free. Remember, that the girl is also very excited and want to please you.

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