The Key to the Healthy Relationship

First of all, you will need to ask yourself what you understand by a healthy relationship, what your needs and what the desires of your partner are, what you expect from your partner and what you are ready to give. If you recollect what made you to get involved in the relationship, what attracted both of you to each other physically and emotionally, what makes you admire each other, etc., it will help you to treasure and not take your partner for granted. With time people get lazy and stop working on the relationship, because they feel comfortable enough, and it is not the love fading, but a matter of time. However, if two want and will work on the relationship any problems can be solved.
It is natural that every one of us has his/her outlook on life and vision of things, so it would be stupid to expect your partner see the things your way. However, having similar expectations from the relationship is vital. This will keep you on a safe side from frequent arguments. Consider things that are important for both of you on a regular basis, for instance, seeing each other every day, the frequency of having sex, etc. You need to be compatible in these moments or be ready to compromise.
Patience is one of the main keys to the harmonious healthy relationship. There will be time when your partner will not respond the way you would like to or behave differently from what you expect. Never be quick with your judgments, but slow down and think of the reasons your partner is acting in a certain way. Making assumptions and conclusions is an unhealthy step for the relationship.

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Honesty is also one of the main ingredients in the recipe of a healthy relationship. You need to be honest with your partner about your expectations from your relationship. A partner needs to be sure they can trust each other.
Respect is another vital feature of the healthy relationship, if there is lack of respect in your relationship; it is very unhealthy and will bring you two to nowhere.

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