What Not to Wear on a Date with a Russian Woman


It is not a secret for anyone that Russian women like to dress up, have their make up on and look great whether for the special event or everyday life. You will hardly see a Russian woman in sneakers and a big shabby sweater or a T-shirt; the only exception can be her working out hours. 😉 Anyway, even working out, most of the Russian ladies prefer looking stylish and nice. If you want to impress a Russian lady or just create a positive impression about yourself, forget jeans with holes, shabby clothes and oversized sweaters, especially if you are getting ready for a date with a Russian woman!

Don’t be surprised if a Russian woman dumps you for wearing jeans and a ‘hoodie’ on a date. Always keep in mind that prior to your meeting (especially if it is a first date) the Russian lady or any woman from FSU countries will take care of her ‘outfit’ and would prefer to wear a nice dress and have  her hair, nails  and make up done (in many cases Russian lady would go to a beauty salon to impress you). Just imagine, how stupid she can feel if you arrive in casual clothes.

Watch what you wear! For sure, there is not need to wear a suit with a tie for every date; however, it won’t be a minus. Choose a nice shirt (tidy and your size) and pants. Jeans work for Russian women today as well; unless they are shabby, wrong size, too short or too long have holes and stains. Sneakers won’t do, go for black or brown leather shoes – it is the best choice when dating a Russian lady.

Make sure you are shaved or your beard looks neat. Russian women like when a man smells good, so use nice cologne.

And the most important on a date with a Russian lady, besides you look and smell good, make sure you behave as a gentleman. Russian women prefer gallant men. Always open the door for her, help her with a coat or chair at the restaurant. If you fail here any Russian lady will think you lack culture or you just don’t care for her as a lady.

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