Why is Newcastle, Australia the best for casual sex?

Newcastle is second most populous city after Sydney in New South Wales. What’s so intriguing about it that Australian singles are visiting it that much, along with westerners?

“I am attracted to Newcastle because it’s a student city”, Charles confesses. “The University situated there, is really world-class so what you get is very educated young hotties for best hookups.

It means their high quality is general, and also open-mindedness in all topics connected with sex. Thai women in Australia looking for men. The LGBTQ community is very large in this city, so one can count on bi-curiosity of singles.

Moreover, Newcastle is a home for the most beautiful beaches in all Australia. It’s also a place number one to meet attractive students and get laid successfully, so I’m loving it.

The University area and the coastline with affordable bars and restaurants are completely enough to provide all visitors with the hot one-night-stands and real-life flirting. I am a fan of Newcastle.

Nowhere else can I get laid with younger personals that easily, and the environment is as friendly as one could only hope in other top Australian cities for hookups”.

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