Why there are more and more people looking for naughty fun?

naughty dating

When you take a look at the dating scene, it’s no surprise that most of the relationships you come across nowadays are quite temporary, and for the fulfilment of basic desires. Naughty encounters of the third kind are gaining in popularity all over the world, and one of the reasons a lot of people indulge in it is the promise of a no frills, no strings attached, sexual relationship.

There are lots of young men and women who can be called naughty. It always does not have to be a girl showing her booty and boobs suggestively. She could say something with a twist to it, you have to catch it. You’ll have to be prepared for the jokes, and double entendre, as well as sexual innuendo, which is commonplace among the young crowd. Now there has to be a reason why people are straying from the old ways of fun and sex.

A probable reason is the overt exposure to social media. Suppose you’re going through a Face book page of a girl whom you find desirable. There is a lot of hacking and slashing that you have to do to clear a path through the jungle to reach the lake where lions and gazelles drink together. Even then, you’re not certain if she’s taking you for a ride, and the worst case scenario would be a man  , masquerading as a woman on face book, just to inflate his self esteem, though I wonder how that helps! A lot of naughty girls have call waiting on their vaginas; surely you’d be better off with them if you’re in the mood for naughty dating. There’s not much these gorgeous and hip girls ask for, a quick fling in between the sheets or a good one in the restroom cubicle suffices, no questions asked if you “fit” the bill.

casual dating

A day has twenty four hours, the last time I checked. Most young professionals are so engrossed in their work and rising careers that hardly any time is kept aside for romantic pursuits, some even put their wives on hold. It’s pretty natural under these circumstances to look for casual hook-ups that have no commitments attached, as well as the promise for some out of the box fun. It’s pretty much like plugging in your smart phone to the charger, with all due apologies to makers of mobile phones, men and women alike, gross as it may sound. But it works, both parties walk out satisfied, safe in the knowledge that it was nothing more than a casual one night stand. If you were really good, you could get another shot, and not just at her, but her hot girl gang too. Believe me the incentives are enticing enough.

Bars and nightclubs are the usual meeting places, as are websites dedicated to one night stands and casual dating. Be sure to have your manners in place and once you get chatting, the body language of your date for the night will open doors.

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