Will a Liar Ever Change?

Once told lies, you will never be trusted again. This saying has so much truth in itself. When you are lied to by someone you love and trust, it really hurts and frustrates you. As a rule, loving people forgive for the first time, and maybe even the next several times; however, the time comes when they realize they are dealing with a liar. It is not an easy thing to break with someone you have deep and true feelings to, even if you realize that it what would be the best for you. You sit and wait, hoping things can change one day and everything would go normal. You persuade yourself your beloved is a good person, find every possible detail to justify him/her and if not his/her lies your relationship would have been perfect.
You need to ask yourself if you find a relationship when one of the partners lies normal and if love and respect imply lies. When you are in love, it is difficult to answer logical questions. You will find justifications for the lies of someone you love in order to feel better with a partner, who has no respect towards you. If your beloved lies to you, this shows lack of his/her respect and less commitment to the relationship. Lie is a lie, no matter how big or small it is. If a partner lies over trifles, then you can be sure that his/her lies over bigger matters will ruin your relationship.
So, if you are not ready to live with a person, who lies to you, then you better never hope a liar can change. Yes, we all make mistakes. You can forgive a person if, he/she lied to you once, but have a communication on this and let your partner know that you are not going to continue dating with a person, who lies to you, having no respect towards your personality; explain, how it hurts your feelings, how damaging this is for the relationship and if your relationship means something to a person, he/she will stop lying. If not, don’t waste your time on liars, you deserve to be happy in a healthy relationship.

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